The risk of digital carelessness

The media report regularly on large data theft scandals and network attacks. For years, business and individuals have been warned by experts and politicians to better protect themselves and their data. Yet the number of reasons and excuses to avoid taking precautions is large: a naivety which has already been the downfall of many businesses and individuals in the past. The media reports are merely the tip of the iceberg so don’t waste any time in improving your IT security!

Identity theft and abuse

With enough information, anyone can pose as your employee in your company network and obtain access to your confidential data!

Unambiguous identities are the basis for secure transactions in the digital world

The solution achieves unambiguous online authentication of the players with whom you come into virtual contact.

With truedentity, you can have faith in the true identity of employees, customers and online service providers and therefore reliably protect your internal and external systems and data from unauthorized access.

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